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Interesting Facts

Well, hello there - to anyone that has bothered to read this extraordinarily interesting page of information! In short, we are not a large faceless money-grabbing company who is out to sell you cheap & unreliable items, then take the money and run! We have spent many years in retail, sales, marketing, IT - and as normal everyday consumers like you - so we know how time-consuming it is to find interesting, hard to get products, from an online store, that you can fully trust. We've all been there, and we've all experienced being 'ripped off' at one time or another. Not now, not here!
Go forth everyone - and shop for your "necessities" - with confidence!

Some Of Our Partners & Suppliers

Only Certified Suppliers. Period.

Yes, we have used our suppliers. Yes, we have tested 'most' of the products.
Yes, your purchases will be delivered! Guaranteed.



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